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Today I wanted to talk about the best place to shop for your music equipment and instrument needs. The place is zZounds and I have purchased several things from them. Later on I will do some reviews of specific items but for now I wanted to just brag a bit about the company itself.

I play keyboard and bass guitar my brother plays guitar as well so we find ourselves buying equipment now and again. While theres several places you can go, I really have loved dealing with the folks at zZounds. They are very friendly and even eager to help. That’s not to say they are pushy quite the opposite.

With out going into huge detail (boring you) I first found them because I was researching a sound card for my keyboard sound module. They did not carry the card any longer. However, they took down my info and found me specific information on the card I was looking for as well as a manual and install instructions. Every other place I called simply said the item was old and no longer available. So these guys just gave me a great impression right from the very first phone call.



The items are packed and shipped very promptly. They offer various payment plans to make it easy for you to purchase your dream item. They have thousands of items so I really doubt you would not be able to find what your looking for. The prices are very competitive and the sales are great. A lot of items are fixed priced in the industry so you have to expect that at times but you won’t over pay.

Look, I’m all for supporting the brick and morter store but I’m even more drawn to superior customer service and support and these guys have it! Like I said in the beginning I just wanted to brag these guys up and kinda say thank you to them by posting this “review”. Go to zZounds take a look at what they have to offer and test them out. Give them a call ask questions I am sure you will be pleased and become a loyal customer like myself.

In parting heres the top 5 reasons to shop here.

zZounds offers the industry‘s most musician-friendly payment plans

– zZounds guarantees the lowest price

– Nobody Beats zZounds‘ Fast & Free Shipping

– zZounds makes returns super easy

– zZounds delivers top-rated customer service

zZounds offers the lowest price on guitars from nearly every brand: Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, Epiphone Jackson, Ibanez, Martin, Taylor and many others. You can purchase over 125,000 different products from their website 24 hours a day.

If theres anything I can help you with let me know. I love talking about music stuff and collecting. Check out my about me page for more on that.


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