Increase Your UNIQUE content 100 Fold – No Trick

Ok, so I have bumped into one big problem with my content. When I go to publish my content via Site Content I have been getting the wanring about my content not being 100% unqiue.

This is one reason I had a hard time getting my mind around how to offer Wealthy Affiliate. As a newbie I was thinking that while I understand that each post is another chance in helping someone find Wealthy Affiliate, I didn’t know how I could write as many UNIQUE posts as I would like.


I watched some youtube videos and read some articles and then I found SpinWriter I signed up and have tested it and found it to work 100% as they say it would.

Now, in all fairness to my friends at Wealthy Affiliate that may head over to check it out I want to just say that you will be offered other unique services. I decided to try a couple of the other upgrades and I love them.

One thing I found out was this. I tested this out by writing one simple article. Then I used Site Content and tested it for Uniqueness. It was 100% then I simply used the exact article and re did it and in just a couple clicks I was able to create another totally unique article that was 100% unique. I just wanted to test it out.


I would urge you to do this. It really doesn’t matter if your new and confused or a well knowledged veteran. There is a very unique feature for people wih a lot of already published content. You can set it up to automatically rewrite your article and repost it so it will be viewed as not only unique but also fresh.

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Aaron Baker

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